Welcome to ShowCase.

We build eye-catching and high quality display cases for your favorite minifigures.

The magnetic closure of ShowCase and the thick, crystal-clear acrylic create a curiously satisfying feel in your hands. Our display cases are compact but not small, they are substantial but not heavy… try it out to fully understand.


The idea for our ShowCases was heavily inspired by the most premium display solutions for sports trading cards. The relatively heavy acrylic protection cases for Joerg´s basketball cards were a little hard to handle (either built with screws that would come loose all the time or were very hard to put together), but soooo great in  look and feel!

When it came to the best, rarest or simply most fun LEGO® minifigures the choices to protect and display our small masterpieces were rarer: nothing really had it all. It was time to create something new…


What is so special about Minifigure ShowCase? The minifigure display has been designed around some basic principles:

Symmetry   ShowCase lets your minifigure appear to float in the display case… and it is perfectly centered. The base, on which the figure is placed, matches the dimensions of a 3x4 minifigure plate and the thickness of the acrylic material is precisely chosen to be 1/2 LEGO®-stud wide.

Quality   The high quality, 4mm thick acrylic and the magnetic closure on the backside just scream premium – the case is really nice to the eye and the touch.

Practicality   ShowCase comes fully assembled – you do not need to build anything… just open the back via the magnetic closure, put your minifigure in and enjoy.

Nerd culture meets adulthood   ShowCase does not look like a toy… but it does not look like fine art either.

ShowCaes XL is designed around the same design principles, but allows for more space… for a second figure and minifigure accessories.


Features in short:

  • Outside dimensions: 11,5 x 8,0 x 3,2cm (ShowCase XL: 11,6 x 11,6 x 4,0cm)
  • High quality, 4mm thick acrylic and magnetic closure on the backside
  • 1x2-Plate to mount your minifigure
  • Compatible with LEGO® minfigures that do not extent over a 3x4 minifigure plate
  • Creates wow-factor to display your favourite minifig on your desk, shelf, sideboards, …
  • Display case only, minfigure not included